Hubert's Hideout


Competitive Local Multiplayer for PC


HUBERT’S HIDEOUT is a competitive 2-player arena based game. The players slip into the role of two old, abandoned cleaning-bots, who have become sentient and have turned the barren world into their very own playground. Their favourite game is Hide & Seek.


Both players have 40 seconds to hide the energy cubes of their opponent. When the time is up, the objective is to find the invisible cubes of your colour that your opponent has hidden and use them to power the stations within the arena. The first player to power 3 stations wins!


The fully-playable prototype for HUBERT'S HIDEOUT was created during my 3rd Semester at HTW Berlin.

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Time constraint: 12 Weeks

Theme: 12 Objects

Team Size: 3




Supported by

Prof. Susanne Brandhorst

Prof. Thomas Bremer

Sven Gorholt



Game Design | Programming | 3D Modelling | Materials


This was my first project in UE4 and my first ever 3D game.


I did most of the programming for the game using Unreal's "Blueprint" visual scripting language.


Also I created the majority of shaders/materials.


As the game design was a team effort we all took part in designing the mechanics and level-layout, while each teammember added several other tasks to his agenda.


I also modelled and rigged the main character, aswell as creating a physics simulation for the robot's trunks within Unreal's "PHAT" tool.



Game System Design & Concept Student

Assistant Editor


Currently studying Game Design at HTW Berlin.



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