Moonlight Balloonflight


VR-Experience for HTC-Vive


MOONLIGHT BALLOONFLIGHT is a VR-Experience for the HTC-Vive.


You, the player get to control a hot air balloon and manouvre through a fantastic dreamworld. The Moon will guide you with his voice and react to your actions. Your goal is to destroy crystals attached to the hovering isles throughout the world in order to collect moon essence to replenish the moon. Be careful though to not oversaturate him!



MOONLIGHT BALLOONFLIGHT was created during a 3-week Game Jam project at HTW Berlin. It was my first experience with the HTC-Vive and allowed my team and I to gain interesting insights about the differences of creating a vr-game to usual game design. Our focus was to minimize motion sickness by creating a unusual locomotion which would allow a much more flexible movement than teleportation or similar established locomotion methods.

Also we wanted to explore possibilities of increasing the playable space independent of the real-world space available to the player's setup.

Platform: PC/HTC-Vive

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Time constraint: 3 Weeks

Theme: VR-Game

Team Size: 4



Supported by

Prof. Susanne Brandhorst

Prof. Thomas Bremer

Sven Gorholt



Game Design | Programming | Visual Development | Textures & Materials


MOONLIGHT BALLOONFLIGHT was my first experience developing a vr-game.

I wrote most of the code in tandem with my teammate David Witzgall using Unreal's "Blueprint" visual scripting language.


I was also responsible for developing the game's very performance oriented cel-shader materials and I painted most of the textures by hand and then implemented them in the materials.


Since the original prototype, develoment has continued and we are currently working on an improved version of the game with overhauled graphics/artstyle and improved gamecode.



Game System Design & Concept Student

Assistant Editor


Currently studying Game Design at HTW Berlin.



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